Did you miss the fact that I have cucumbers? Nope. I mean, I do. But they’ve only just begun to flower. These are from the neighbor. Clearly they are doing something right in their garden!

Around these parts we’re saying goodbye to summer but saying hello to so many tomatoes we’re turning red, lots of broccoli and all the produce that our neighbors pass off on us (and we love!).

Fun fact: squirrels will jump off a your fence, onto sunflowers in order to pin them to the ground and then eat the whole head off the sunflower. Unless they haven’t bloomed. Then they will just crush the sunflower and wait for it to bloom. I hate squirrels.

With so much warm weather and sun it’s sending my broccoli to flower and I can’t really keep up. I love this type of broccoli though because it’s been producing continuously for weeks and months now.

What have you been harvesting from your garden?