Thank you, long weekend, for giving me another Monday off to finally finish the bathroom!

As you may recall, last time I took the time to try repainting the bathroom I started off with the wrong color which wasn’t even one of the ones I included on the poll (which didn’t receive much repose, ahem). This was after I took it on as my new project because I just wasn’t happy with it after it was revamped almost two years ago when we moved in. Here it is around the time we first moved in:

My main complaint was the Colgate color we painted the bathroom thinking that it would complement the tub surrounds tile. It was the husband and my first time using the “color matching” at the big box store. Why I didn’t get the hint then is beyond me. I tried color matching a washcloth for this round of painting and as it turns out, light reflects differently from the wall as versus a washcloth:

I immediately headed right back to the store and got a lighter color. I brought it home and matched some of the dark color above into it and finally got a color I could at least live with (yup, still not just right, but better than Colgate). With so much painting, I didn’t get to the white ceiling painting until yesterday. We’re finally done, though! Here you have it:

This color reads (I learned that word use from all the design blogs I love) a little more gray in the pictures than it is. In some lights it seems almost lavender to me but it’s really a dusty blue. We chose this color because we found that new shower curtain– we decided to upgrade from plastic to fabric with a plastic liner. Classy. I know. You can see that I removed the towel bar under the window but still need art there. What did I do with the hand towel? Well you remember how the sink was looking?

Here it is with it’s new handy dandy towel holder! I also moved the toothbrush holder into the medicine cabinet. Yes the plug has to sneak out but it keeps the tiny sink looking less cluttered.

That’s a much better depiction of the color we ended up with. That towel holder? It’s actually a toilet paper holder. There’s not much space there and most of the hand towel holders were much wider so I figured this guy would do the trick and no one would ever know. Well, you now know. Check out my Great Uncle Bill’s scale!? One day maybe I’ll figure out how to de-rust it, but I just love it. So retro and it would have looked great in that black and pink bathroom. Am I right?

Anyhow, remember how terrible the ceiling was looking with its pink bathroom paint peeking through where we had removed the light (Btw, black and pink tile AND pink paint!? Really?)

I resanded and patched and put a few extra coats of white paint on it to help it blend in. While it’s still obviously patched, it’s an improvement.

I also took off a few pieces of hardware left on the window frame and behind the door. Sanded and patched any spots and painted so you can’t even tell there were things stuck to the wall.  Here’s a shot from the doorway into our dining room that really shows the full length of our tiny bathroom and a spot above the light switch where I think art will end up.

I didn’t get any picture of the towel fish that lives behind the door but it’s a long reach across the bathroom to get a towel from behind the door so we added another new piece of hardware to make our towels easier to reach from the shower.

That’s right, a robe/ towel hook! Between this and the new hand towel holder I think they’re my new favorite part about the bathroom. Here it is with a shot of how the tile all blends in to the new colors.

Another fun fact about our bathroom you may not have noticed even if you’ve been there is that one of the first things I did to the house was painted the medicine cabinet with leftover paint. Our yellow room used to be yellow-with-a-tinge-of-green and so I used that paint inside the medicine cabinet to brighten things up!

That is the original medicine cabinet (and glass) and you can see the towel fish’s tail on the left!

Our above the toilet cabinet also needed a coat of paint on its bottom shelf so I spruced that up while I was painting everything white and it looks good as new. I don’t know what we would do for storage without this cabinet. Also I replaced the shiny stainless steel looking knobs with brushed nickel ones that match the rest of the hardware in the bathroom.

Last but not least, I leave you with the image that illustrates why we really only had one sink choice and not much wiggle room (pun intended). It’s a tight fit.

Here’s my updated bathroom checklist:

  • Sand rough and uneven wall and ceiling sections, patch and prepare
  • Remove all old caulk and recaulk using my new fancy caulking tool that will make it look like I knew what I was doing (this is done around the top of the tub)
  • Attempt to remove grout from ON the tiles (more on this at some point)
  • Patch any holes in the grout (with a tile and grout sealer?)
  • Choose new paint color and repaint bathroom
  • Repaint bathroom cabinet shelf white (since I made a stain on it already!)
  • New bathroom cabinet handles that match the faucet, etc. in brushed nickle
  • Remove the under window towel bar and patch
  • New hand towel ring to the left of the sink
  • New towel hook on back of door? (We ended up doing next to the shower instead)
  • Install dual-flush converter on toilet to save water
  • Frame and hang artwork (thinking postcards) under the window
  • See if I can lightly sand and fix the finish on the tub in problem areas

There you have it. What do you think we should do about that soap pump container on the sink? Embrace it, paint it? Continue the hunt for the perfect sized soap bottle that will fit there?