Today I had the opportunity to stop by the offices of a Bay Area start-up that promotes deals of up to 70% off organic and eco-friendly products called Blissmo. They recently started a new service called BlissmoBox which offers consumers a hand-selected box of certified organic and eco-friendly products once a month. Subscribers have the choice between three or more boxes which might be snacks, home cleaning products or even intimate goods. While there I got my hands on their June offering of a “Food & Beverage” box.

As you all know, I’m a sucker for a good deal and enjoy knowing how good of a deal a got so it’s great that each box comes with an insert that describes each product and it’s retail value. Normally Blissmo sells these boxes for $19 each (plus $3 shipping).

This box included Kaia Foods Granola ($6.99), Kaia Foods Fruit Leather ($1.89), Clif Bar ($2.78), La Yapa Quinoa ($6.09), Alter Eco Cane Sugar ($4.99), Numi Organic Tea ($6.99), Sambazon Energy Drink ($2.49) and a Pu-erh tea sample. The grand total is a $32.22 retail value that you can get shipped to you for $22 (unless you sign up for 3 or 6 months and then you get free shipping). And some boxes you save even more. But what if you could get all of this for only $3?

I think you know the answer to that question from the title of this post. If you go to and sign up using my email address (alannaface at you will get your first box for only the price of shipping which is a whopping $3. They change the offerings each month but currently the options for your first box are a Blissful Beauty box, a Teas and Tastes box (this is the one I got!) and a Night Lovin’ box. The last one includes vegan condoms. Yeah. I didn’t know they made those either. It also includes a candle that melts at body temperature and so it’s basically massage oil. Ask yourself, would you pay $3 for a box of tea? If so, it’s worth it.

In other months they’ve offered boxes like the one above with home care products that are all eco-friendly or organic. Also, if you decide you don’t like any of the choices in a given month you can ask them to stall your delivery and either get two choices the following month or push your box deliveries out by a month.

They also had the above “Afternoon Fuel” box which included a selection of organic and eco-friendly snack foods. Would you be willing to pay $3 for that? You would be crazy not to.

These boxes can also be sent as gifts to loved ones or friends (know a bachelor or bachelorette for that Night Lovin’ box?) and you can cancel the service at any time. Christmas is about 90 days away and I hear they’ve got some Christmas cheer up their sleeves at Blissmo. So go. Sign up and use alannaface at as your referral email. $3. What are you waiting for? Let me know if you sign up and what you think!


I’m writing about these boxes because I think they’re pretty fantastic and I signed up for the service but in the interest of full disclosure that June box was free to myself and a friend to split.