Today is the first official day of Autumn.

That means that the garden is transitioning. Annuals aren’t looking so great and it’s impossible to keep up with flowering herbs and vegetables.

The lovely fall light on this broccoli is making me happy that it makes for pretty flowers. Do you see the bumble bee in the lower left of this?

Is it spider season for anyone else? We have the most gigantic spiders lately. It’s as if when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold they go while. See the guy hiding in the bottom of this unbloomed sunflower? This looks like an artichoke heart to me.

The pumpkin still has flowers bu no sign of growing a pumpkin yet. Seems like maybe there won’t be any in time for Halloween but maybe I’ll get some for Thanksgiving pumpkin pies!

This orchid on my front porch bloomed then grew a leaf and root from the stalk that bloomed and is now transplanting itself into the pot on the left, apparently. I may have missed the window of transplanting it myself? More importantly, how did it know there was a pot there?

The giant sunflowers on the side yard (which are safe from squirrels so far) are almost bumping against the eaves.

Despite my yellow cherry tomato plant doing its darndest to take over the yard the rose bush it’s currently covering is still doing just fine.

Goodbye summer, I’ll miss you.