Holy smokes! I take a break from blogging and I promptly miss our two year house-iversary! Housanniversary? Second anniversary in our house. We’ve lived here for two years. In this house.

Anyhow… to commemorate this momentous occasion I’d like to give a little then-and-now look at how far we’ve come. The “then” pictures all are labeled “Move In” (because when I realized I should have done “then” and “now” I was already halfway through) even though not everything was a picture from the day we moved in. More like the second time we looked at the house after our offer was accepted. You get the idea. The “now” pictures are labeled “2 Years Later” which is to say they’ve all been taken today or very recently. Enjoy!
It was a little overgrown back then…

New windows (we matched the large front window to the original wood framed window that had been there before), new paint, new grass, mulch, new fence.

Before we moved in the floors were refinished and we painted but that overhang on over the back steps was removed around the time we moved in.

Not a huge, change, eh!? Just kidding. The floors are one of the best parts of this house.

This is the living room looking the other direction. There’s that original wood frame front window.

Check out the new front door showing in this picture. I love our new front door. We still need to figure out our game plan with that wall heater though.

Original wood burning fireplace with some interesting tile choices. I’m not sure what the deal with the mantle was? The bottom of it looks like exposed cement. We took care of that right away and then a few months in had a gas insert put in.

Vast improvement, no? I love that Crate and Barrel driftwood mirror! My mom got it for me after I obsessed about it on this blog. Doesn’t it look perfect up there?

This is before we had the floors done and repainted this room. The windows were also replaced but we kept that light fixture.

Our bedroom has been rearranged since when we first moved in and I recently added the rug (originally from the living room) when it became too gray, dirty and embarrassing for people to see. But it’s okay if you see it here. This picture doesn’t make it look that bad. Check out our bright birdie art. I love the pop of color on against the gray walls.

Same light fixture lives in here and while it looks like a similar color yellow as we still have, it actually had some funky green undertones so we repainted with a warmer yellow.

The window was open when I took this so the curtain is blowing. This now acts as an office, guest room, jam session room, library and everything else.

Ahhh the bathroom. The only room that has been painted three times by us since moving in. White, then colgate color and most recently a gray-blue.

Now it doesn’t give me the heebie jeebies to look at it. It feels clean!

This really is what the kitchen (and garage) looked like when we moved in.

Here is that same corner today. If you could see into the garage you would see a new washing machine, a functional side door and the new window.

Except for the paper on the counters and ladder this is what we got on move in day. Check out that linoleum! That was layer three or four of it.

This is up there in contention for one of the most significant changes we made to the house and probably my favorite.

I couldn’t find a picture of the backyard from move in day but picture all those pavers in the right of the picture covering this surprise cement patio and then some. Half of the yard was pavers! The other half was weeds and a cement bathtub shaped “pond.”

We put in sprinklers, grass, mulch, trees that should cover the back fence, a deck and an arbor. Made this whole backyard an “outdoor room.”

This house has already had blood, sweat and tears poured into it with no reserve these past two years. If you ask us, it’s been well worth it. We bought this house two years ago and moved into it at the end of that October. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here that long because time flies when you’re working on a house!