This arrived in the mail the other day. It may look familiar if you saw the post about the organic boxes (where you can get your first box free if you sign up!). Well I signed up and just received my first box which I knew was going to be tea and snacks– all of which would be natural, sustainable and organic– but I wasn’t 100% sure what would be in the box. A nice surprise!
The box is filled with about $45 worth of products that I got for $19. If you pay for shipping it’s an additional $3 but that still means I got fancy tea and snacks for half off. I chose this box because I needed to restock on tea soon anyways, but even the husband was excited to see chocolate covered espresso beans and chocolate.

The image on the left was the back of an “aromatherapy chart” but it made me wish there was Coconut Chai Black Tea in my box. What a tease! The husband was interested in the packing material and/ or perhaps slightly bummed there was no bubble wrap to pop. See him digging in?

You can go to BlissmoBox to sign up to get a monthly box of good-for-the-planet products shipped directly to you. They will give you a few category choices each month and all you have to do is choose and then wait for the box to arrive.