This is never a pretty site. Unless you expected to have your backyard excavated on a random weekday. Why was it being excavated? Well, it stemmed from this. But it turns out it was this:

That’s a sewage pipe. A clay sewage pipe. You see, when our house was built almost 65 years ago, a clay sewage pipe was the way to go. Not so much any more.

Luckily they were able to leave the deck alone but the pipe does cut across the corner of the deck at an angle. Fun fact, one guy dug both of those very giant, deep ditches by himself.

I have decided to omit the more gory pictures that involve more sewage action because I’m not actually trying to deter anyone from buying a home. But it’s why homeowners are supposed to have a reserve fund. Last year it was making repairs after our neighbor’s fire and this year it’s fixing our plumbing.

Our backyard should be mostly back to normal by the end of today and we’ll be able to not see our waste water drain through our backyard. It’s the little things in life. But it could have been worse or it could have taken longer to fix which would have also been worse so I’m glad we got it quickly taken care of.

What are some of your unexpected home adventures be it in a house you own or an apartment you rent?