Every year I have some sort of pseudo pre-holiday post. In 2010 it was Ten Reasons to be Excited for the Holidays which included kittens, in 2009 it was a review of things I wanted to accomplish, and in 2008 it was a very short update with a picture of our then-baby nephew. Most years I try to be pretty optimistic after secretly battling with my I-hate-my-December-30th-birthday issues. This year I’m doing particularly well because despite being completely done with Christmas gift shopping and most of the wrapping since last week. I’ve also been ignoring the upcoming holidays. No lights on the house yet, no stockings hung, no mini-Christmas tree.  In fact, one of my presents came from my aunt-in-law last week (which I LOVE) and I kept the fall decorations in rotation by adding them to my new glass cake dish:
If it wasn’t dark when I got home everyday, it would be really cute to spray paint them Christmas colors and then keep them going for a while longer, right?

I suppose it’s finally time to get into the Christmas spirit this weekend after already having two early gift exchanges with family! How do you get into the “Christmas spirit” or are you like me and generally ignore it until the day is upon you?