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This Monday is a federal holiday here in the States. Luckily I have it off but my husband isn’t so lucky. What that means is I get a whole day to myself to work on a project! No weekend antics, no trips, just some quality time at home DIYing something. While I should probably be working on the last bits of my bathroom to-do list like re-caulking or re-sealing grout, I’m going to try something entirely new. Here are three ideas I really want to try out but haven’t decided which one to try out yet:

1) Something that’s been on my Hunny Do List since at least August, building a wine rack above our refrigerator.

I’ve been pining ideas on Pinterest making a DIY Wine Rack board for ideas. The one that looks easiest, still, is building a simple box with an ‘x’ of wood across the middle like so:

This would require no notching or anything crazy and I’m pretty sure I can figure out how to build a box and make an ‘x’ as long as I don’t also remove any of my fingers. Heck, I bet I could use heavy duty wood glue for the ‘x’ part and avoid nails for it. Because I don’t think duct tape would look very good.

2) We have a great living room setup but whenever we need seating on both sides of our coffee table we have to drag chairs over from our kitchen table. I’ve been eying Moroccan “poufs” for some time but at $100+ a pop, that’s not going to happen. There are some DIY versions that look not entirely impossible but I don’t know if I’m ready to attempt one, let alone two or more, of these:

Looks like I don’t have the patience for that. What I DO have patience for is a large floor pillow or two like these:

And I could use some old bed pillows and/or stuffing. And I know I have some fabric lying around. Also, we’re hosting Superbowl and it would be nice to give people some seating options closer to the guacamole when all the couch spots are taken (aka Alanna will do anything to get closer to the guacamole but it would be nice to have an excuse to be sitting on the ground hovering over the dip).

3) I’m already ready to get my vegetables started for spring (once I get around to ordering seeds) but I don’t have a good indoor place with sun exposure to start them (unless I commandeer the corner above our kitchen sink– not out of the question) so I need to think of an alternative. I’m thinking small greenhouse. Something easy. Something that possible involves clear plastic (like the kind you can get by painting drop clothes?) and an easy to construct frame. Maybe something like this:

I haven’t done the greenhouse thing before so I’ll need to do some more research and decide what I should grow and where it will live (where it gets enough sun) but it would let me get a leg up on spring plantings and hopefully would be possible outside since it should protect again frost.