This past weekend the husband and I had to drive from our home in Northern California to Southern California (where I’m from originally) for a family event. I realize that there are a good number of people who think all of California is palm trees and silicon– in bodies and computer chips– and there is some of that, but the  majority of California that exists outside of “suburbia” is farmland. Even in the Bay Area comprised of San Francisco County and eight others, 40% of land is farm land. All that to say, the six hour drive from North to South is mostly views of agricultural land. And trucks.
Above, grape vines in the winter with San Joaquin Valley beyond.

Because it’s winter, most crops are not in the ground so this is probably clover or another cover crop to replenish soil nutrients.

Power lines run alongside the freeway and through the farmland.

Mmm, cows. These guys stink. Better to be out in the middle of nowhere than near a major city.

If you are ever in California and doing the drive between North and South, it’s best to try and take some extra time to do the coastal drive. Not that there’s anything wrong with cows and farmland because it’s just as much “California” as the coast.