Drinking wine and making pasta go hand in hand. Taking pictures of pasta at night while drinking wine does not go hand in hand. I apologize in advance for any focus issues in these pictures.

Over the weekend the husband and I went to a new market that had a large selection of olive oils. They receive largeish containers of various oils and then bottle them based on demand so the customers are able to get super fresh olive oils. The husband just finished a great book about olive oil that I’m starting called Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. All this to say that we were really excited to get our hands on some super fresh olive oil (that stuff in most grocery stores should be lamp oil!) and needed a way to feature it for dinner. Pasta con olio! We used a recipe for egg yolk pasta that we learned in a culinary class on our cruise and my husband is learning to master.

Use a scale to measure the flour and you will get more accurate results but I would still say start small with the flour and add more as needed. This is 10 egg yolks. Yup. That’s a lot. And that’s half of the original recipe with .250 kg of flour. We put wax paper down to make clean up easier.

Mix egg yolks and flour gradually by pulling a little flour into the yolks at a time. When you get to this consistency add a little olive oil and salt and continue mixing and pressing.

Knead dough until it comes together and then continue kneading until it’s no longer lumpy but completely smooth. This can take a little while but will make rolling it out much easier.

Once the dough is smooth you can use it immediately or rest it in the refrigerator. We actually only used half of this dough which was perfectly two servings. The other half I put in the refrigerator and used the next day (I’ll show you what I made later). The difference was that the texture was more smooth the next day but over all, not enough difference to sweat it.

After taking a cooking class and making pasta with a hand crank roller I’d recommend that over the KitchenAid attachment that I have. This one is pretty small and has taken some getting used to but now it does the trick.

I ended up dusting this with flour because our kitchen was getting humid with boiling water. This only cooks for a minute or two because it’s fresh but see how yellow it is from those egg yolks!? Amazing.

To dress the pasta we cooked up some chicken Italian sausage with olive oil, salt, pepper and plenty of Parmesan. It was easy to taste the olive oil and the fat in the sausage and richness of the egg yolk pasta was cut with the acidity of the lemon. We also had a green salad with this because we’re not total gluttons.

The full recipe is .5 kg of flour, 20 egg yolks, salt and olive oil. We cut it in half for the above which if we used all the dough would have been about 4 servings.

Have you ever made fresh pasta? Do you use a hand crank roller or an attachment? Have you ever ventured into the world of home made flavored or wheat pasta?