When I was in high school, our school’s full kitchen acted as the main distribution kitchen for several of the schools around it. That meant that there were more freshly made options than I had experienced in lower levels of school. In the morning, it meant if you arrived early enough there were fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate muffins, warm gooey cinnamon rolls and the elusive cheddar cheese roll (rolled like a cinnamon roll). I didn’t say any of these options were healthy!

As I’ve been thinking about making sweet, sticky buns lately, I also have been thinking about trying to recreate the cheddar cheese filled, buttery, yeasty rolls I remember. Probably with less additives. So I went on a Google tear and it wasn’t easy finding something like this from The Hungry Mouse:

That blog refers to them as “Cheese Pinwheel Rolls” which involves buying pizza dough, topping it with butter and cheese, rolling it up, slicing and then baking. My complaint would be that the dough above doesn’t look browned.

I’m not sure where I’ll start with these. I also wonder if I can find a dough recipe that is savory but can also be made sweet and used for cinnamon rolls. Does anyone have any hints?