Did you know orchids can grow seed pods? I didn’t. Then again I nearly kill orchids before taking them home to my grandma for rescue.
This orchid was one that was sent home with me for a sure death and ended up blooming. Like two months ago. And it still has flowers. But then it started growing weird poddy things. I finally asked my grandma about it and she said they are seed pods. If they aren’t removed she said they would eventually break open on their own and judging by the fact that mine were looking pretty plump and had been on the plant for at least a month, I was getting pretty close. Oops.
Inside they have a million billion itty bitty seeds. Without referencing wikipedia, I assume these are able to blow through the wind. Have you ever been to a rainforest area and seen wild orchids growing in the trees? It makes sense that they might get high up in the trees through this method.

The seeds are very small and it was neat checking out this seed pod. Don’t worry, Grandma, I got rid of it so we should be all set now! But I may or may not have “accidentally” let some blow about just in case any want to grow in my trees.