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Two weeks ago I let you know that I wanted to stuff my face with yeasty cheesy rolls that looked like cinnamon rolls but instead of being sweet gooey things they were buttery and cheesy. There were some great comments and recommendations on that post like buying fresh or frozen bread dough (thanks, cravesadventure), checking out The Cheese Board cook book which my aunt said had some great recipes and then she let me borrow it and it’s now on sitting on my counter calling my name, billpeeler suggested using the (store bought) pizza dough in the recipe I found but cooking at a lower temperature to prevent the cheese from browning but leaving the dough pale, and my dad said that Trader Joe’s (a market chain in the US) sells foccacia dough that would work. Those all sound like excellent options that I think I will go back and try some of because they sound easy, but on this one I took the hard way.

I opened up my Joy of Cooking book and immediately found a “cheese bread” recipe that either called for mixing the cheese into the dough or spreading it on rolled out dough, rolling it up and then putting it in a bread pan to bake. Why not just slice and put it on a cookie sheet? I would share the recipe but I think it still needs some more fine tuning because the dough wasn’t quite as buttery/stretchy as I was hoping it would be. It called for three packets of yeast, though, which made it plenty yeasty (something I mentioned looking for) and it was plenty cheesy enough if I hadn’t run out of cheddar. More importantly, on to the food porn!
Browned dough, browned cheese. That was what I was looking for here! I ended up using more wheat flour than all-purpose because I ran out of all-purpose. Has anyone noticed how often I have to wing things? For being a person who plans so much you’d think I’d have thought of needing flour and cheese for making cheese rolls.

I’m drooling again just looking at these! You know, after eating them hot out of the oven, my second favorite thing to do with these was to smother them with avocado (some sliced turkey was optional) and devour them that way. Cheddar and avocado are like a match made in heaven.

Like my cool dish? My aunt is a ceramic artist on the East Coast and I highly recommend checking out her website. She does ceramic installations now and has stopped making her “Gersonware” line of ceramics like this one but her art is super neat.

Oh, hello yeasty cheesy goodness. I miss you.

These would be the perfect counterpart to cinnamon rolls at a breakfast or brunch, don’t you think? Not everyone likes sweets in the morning so I think it would be a nice departure from the usually very sweet cinnamon buns. Does anyone know how I can make a basic bread recipe more buttery?