The first day of Spring is March 20th. I’m getting a jump of plantings this year because remember when this happened to my pumpkin who was planted too late in the season? I’m trying out this egg carton method of starting seedlings and I just wrote what they are on the carton as well so I don’t forget. The little guys on the left are one French pumpkin, two baby bam pumpkins and then on the right are two little cucumber sprouts. The watermelons and peppers haven’t  sprouted yet. Those pumpkins look like they might be a little overly ambitious.

As for where I’ll be planting my squash this year, I asked my husband if I could give them a nice sunny home in an area with no plants currently. It just happens to be a prime location that I’m not even convinced I like. Here’s a shot from this post about our house on Google Maps:See that mulch on the right side of our grass? See how barren it is? This was before I tried two gardenias, some hostas and a few other plants in there that didn’t get enough water and died. I want to plant my squash plants in that area because it gets plenty of sun and it’s pretty barren, but would it be ugly to have squash plants over there? Or do the benefits outweigh having vegetables in my front yard?

In other news, in Northern California we are seriously short on rain this winter. Any one else doing a rain dance? If no rain during winter means lots of rain in spring (“In like a lamb out like a lion?”) then that’s good for the plants! Any one else out there starting seedlings already?