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My husband and I took advantage of a beautiful, warm Saturday this past weekend and went on a hike at a nearby county park. Once up high enough you can overlook a small town on the coast and out to the Pacific Ocean. While on our hike we were able to practice some of the things we have been learning in our Canon camera photography class. Up until lately I’ve been of the “take a million pictures and hope one turns out” mindset. Lately I can get away with two or three.

I shoot with a (now rather banged up) Canon Rebel EOS 350D which has seen better days (I used to do concert photography). In taking the hike, I was able to practice some landscape shots, some of my husband in front of a landscape and some portrait-type shots. No matter what, my favorite thing to do is still to get in nice and close for some macrophotography.
It’s probably just a stylistic thing that I prefer the close ups. It’s probably why I also enjoy taking (and looking at) beautiful pictures of food. But look at that picture above, you can see the spider webs between the tiny thorn covered branch. The sunlight is highlighting all the fine little hairs on those leaves. This is good stuff. Not that the landscape wasn’t good stuff, maybe I just have a harder time getting a good picture of it?

Even with some Pioneer Woman Action Set help this picture still doesn’t get me. The haze combined with the sun was really picked up in this picture and the sky is totally blown out. It could have been overcast for all the viewer can tell. What happened to my blue sky?

I’m just drawn to the fine textures in nature and think they make a much more interesting subject. How about you? Could you also look at pictures of food all day but only when they’re beautifully lit and colorful? Do you prefer to see a nice landscape and the bigger picture? Can you tell me where I’m going wrong with my landscape shots?