Last week I came across an article on The Kitchn titled “Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill.” My coworker also mentioned that you can take spent green onions/ scallions and just plant them in soil and they’ll keep growing but I was too lazy to go outside and try it so I just pulled the wilting green onions out of my vegetable drawer and plopped them in a vase.
They quickly perked up and after a few days you can see the new root growth. Not to mention the little green shoots have taken off.

There you have it! This vase was actually one used with a bulb last season so it already had the little stones and fits the onions perfectly. The article over at The Kitchn has better images of regrowing them once they’re chopped but I had only used one or two from this bunch. This definitely has extended their life for the next time I need a green onion I’ve got them in my kitchen already.

Have you ever tried this? Or have you ever planted green onions/scallions in your garden? Is there a difference between green onions and scallions?