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Last week I mentioned that I started seeds in an egg carton here. This week there are two new sprouts and some new leaves!
It’s super simple to start your seeds in a egg carton and I would recommend it (I’m going to do another carton of different seeds soon). The benefits include being able to simply plant the sprout and cardboard when it’s planting time, it doesn’t take up much room, recycle-reduce-reuse, and it’s the perfect size for a windowsill. I removed the top of the carton and lined it in foil to be used as a tray:

This way the foil prevents the whole carton from becoming a soggy mess or ruining your window sills. The seeds actually don’t need any light to sprout, just moisture and generally they need to be room temperature (my house is colder than “room temperature”) but the seed packets will provide more information on their germination needs. You can also see below that I noted which seeds were which:

This way you will know which is which sprout. I used regular potting soil and you can see a little white mold formed (our house is on the humid side). Once your seeds sprout you should make sure they have a few hours of sunlight each day. When it gets closer to planting time (aka after the last frost) then you will start the process of bringing your seedlings outside for a few hours of sun and bringing them in at night. They’re like goldfish, you can’t just throw them in the tank and hope they don’t get shocked! Don’t take my word for this — experienced gardeners, please interject– but I would say after doing this for about a week they should be ready to go in the ground.

Basically my window sill has turned into a winter garden:

Yukon Gold potatoes, green onions, and my carton of pumpkins, watermelon and cucumber seedlings. The pepper seeds and one type of watermelon still haven’t sprouted so I’m hoping they’re just late to the growing party. Next up I’ll get an heirloom tomato started, try another type of pepper and order some brussels sprouts seeds.

Anyone else start their seeds in an egg carton yet? Am I the only one who has already started their seeds (perhaps a little too early)?