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This post is not about us getting a dog. It’s about me thinking about us getting a dog. In a general sort of “one day” kind of way. Not in a “We’re getting a dog next week!” kind of way.

You see, we had a dog. In May of 2009 my husband and I adopted a cattle dog (Australian Cattle Dog aka. blue heeler aka. Queensland Heeler) from our local Humane Society.  She was already about 11 or 12 years old so we knew she was an old lady, but for a young couple living in an apartment she was great and we knew that it would only be a matter of months until we bought a house and she had a back yard. She wasn’t perfect– she hated car rides and didn’t get along with other dogs– but she was a pretty awesome pooch.

Shortly after our wedding in October 2010 Boo became weaker and sicker. She had Cushing’s disease and probably some arthritis and unfortunately it became time to let her gently leave this world with my husband and I loving her to the very end. I still miss her. Maybe we don’t think about her as much, but we still have her ashes and often times I think about her quirky personality and miss her.

It’s been about a year and a half since Boo left us and it’s always felt strange that two animal lovers don’t have an animal. We have a backyard that’s not huge but works for a dog. We have neighbors and friends who would gladly babysit but after having a dog with a few major issues — did I mention she also didn’t like little kids?– we want to make sure we avoid those things in the future.

After some research, my husband would love a Newfoundland and I think I would love a labradoodle (labrador + poodle) which I’ve mentioned that I was looking at before. Newfoundlands drool a ton and start at about 110 pounds and I still have doubts about the looks of the labradoodles. More importantly– do you know how much dogs cost from a breeder!? I’ve looked at a few labradoodle breeders and the puppies can be $2,000 and up! That’s insane. I’m sorry, but my husband and I can take a vacation for that much money. I get that you’re paying for tests and a good environment and everything but it just seems a little ridiculous. Especially when dogs from the Humane Society or a rescue are usually around $100 and can be great dogs.

Again, we’re not getting a dog in the near future. I’m not sure if I’m over my Boo and we still value being able to take off and travel while not having to worry about who will take care of our furry creature be it for a day trip or longer. There is certainly another pooch (or two) in our future but we aren’t there yet and it’s to be determined what road we take.

Do you have a pet? Did you get your animal from a rescue/ shelter or did you go directly to the breeder?