Last week was a whirlwind and the husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a mini-vacation with a night in Yosemite. Neither of us had ever been to this national park so it was time to take the four hour drive and see what we had been missing.
Totally. Worth. It. This is just a quick picture I got on the way out of the park (through the North gate) after demanding my husband pull over.

My computer situation has been mostly resolved so I’m going to start sorting and editing pictures as soon as I can to make it through my backlog. It will be good timing as we FINALLY have rain in the forecast in the Bay Area. For the next week. Guess my rain dances have paid off!

Any one else taking weekend trips? I’m gearing up to show you all what I did for Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge on Wednesday.

Is anyone else participating and getting a project done that they’ve had pinned on Pinterest for months? Can you take a guess at what I’m going to be doing from Pinterest?