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Ever since we moved into our house about two and a half years ago our second bedroom has been referred to as “the yellow room” because it’s sort of always been a catch-all. On moving day someone would ask, “Where do you want this box of books?” Yellow room. It was just easier to identify it that way. Even our friends and family who visit refer to it simply as “the yellow room” because it’s not just our office. In a two bedroom house, it has to be the office, craft room, guitar playing room, guest room, reading room and everything else that doesn’t involve sleeping or getting dressed in the morning (but I even make a stop in here every morning after getting dressed because there are two mirrors and I like the lighting!).

When we first moved in I tried about million different configurations and finally settled on one that isn’t perfect. Since then, we’ve just dealt with it. But this room that is a landing pad for everything when I get home from work, my half-done crafts and odds and ends making it ultimately kind of a mess. I shot some quick pictures to show off this hot mess so scroll quickly through them:

It’s a little out of control. My husband is going to start working from home more and finally told me that we needed a new desk chair– what the folding one from Costco isn’t cutting it?– which means we need a new rug, a new desk, new curtains, new lighting…

My first stop was Pinterest. Duh. I have been pinning on Pinterest like crazy to collect ideas that still stay within the original color scheme for this room (yellow and crimson), use as many things as possible that already exist, but editing (getting rid of crap) and making the work space more cohesive and storage friendly. Here is what I have come up with from Pinterest so far:

(Rug from Costco, chair from Costco, file cabinet from Staples, crimson curtains from CurtainWorks, desk from Ikea, floral curtains from DKNY, cork board image, couch from here, everything else is my awesome Photoshopping)

Our walls are a light yellow (not quite as dark as above) and I really love the floral DKNY curtains I found for this room. When I did all the window treatments in the house, though, I majorly skimped. These windows are 50-inches wide so I figured why spend a couple more dollars for the 48″-120″ curtain rod when the one that goes up to 48″ is close enough? One 50″ curtain panel? Sure! Well guess what, the floral curtains are no longer sold. I even checked eBay and there are none in this color. My solution will be to cut each panel in half and then add a matching crimson one to the sides. I actually think it’s a nice look. I also have bought new appropriately sized curtain rods.

As for the chair, well, office chairs are just ugly. I found one in a crimson at Costco which at least will match the room. The desk is actually sold as separate parts at Ikea and is super long so we can buy the desk top separate from the legs, separate from the white drawers you see above. I’m not sure if we will decide to get the drawers or not. As for the file cabinet, we already have one that we’ll probably keep and it’s on wheels which is nice so it can be moved around. We already have a pull-out ivory couch that we’ll keep but I may attempt to make new pillows for. Finally, the rug is from Costco and while I’m not sure if it exactly fits the color scheme, I can’t get over how much I like it. They have a great return policy so it has been ordered and I’ll decide when I get it. To help you picture it in the room with some furniture changes we are going to make, I made a lovely Photoshop mockup.

New curtains and rods, paint the existing shelves white, new desk, new chair, new cork board, new rug. The shelves that are over by the door will move to this side of the room and the printer (that gray blob on the ground) will move to the floor or on the desk against the wall. In this picture I included the existing file cabinet under the desk.

Our fold out couch will move from under the window to this wall (door on the right). It should make it a little easier to walk around when it’s pulled out because right now pulling it out blocks most of the room. The guitars on stands will probably move to under the window but we may also either move the ones hanging on the wall or add a third to make it more even. The ottoman would be in the corner behind the door to the right of the couch. Also, picture some new throw pillows that match the rug on that couch to liven things up.

That’s where I’m at with this whole thing. If I could magically make this room bigger that would also help. Do you think that rug is going to be the right color? Are you doing any room re-arranging this weekend?