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In between some long delayed rain we’ve been getting plenty of sun around these parts in Northern California and it’s making flowers bloom and seeds sprout. I haven’t done a Farmer Friday in a while but we’re close to doing them every Friday again. This is more like a Farmer Thursday this week– a little look around my parts at what’s growing.

First up… wisteria. I thought I honestly had killed this guy. All the leaves turned yellow. Then they fell off. I even made my husband call the nursery for me and ask if I had done something wrong. They said prune it back hard. I checked the internets. I didn’t want to impede it’s progress on covering our arbor (and blocking the neighbor’s view) so I trimmed a little. I was worried we weren’t going to get blooms because everything I read online indicated that if you don’t trim enough, no blooms for you. Somehow, some way, that doesn’t appear to be a problem.
After I planted my egg carton seedlings for squash and melons, I started another for more peppers and herbs. I’m feeling a little uncertain about my squash and melons (more on that soon) so I’m scared for these tomatoes, peppers and herbs but they already have prime garden plots with their names on them.

My favorite flower is blooming! Calla lilies are so lovely and these were already in our yard when we moved in. Each year I tell my husband I’d like more, maybe in other colors, in other parts of our yard. He has yet to cave (or go out and surprise me) and I have yet to just buy some to plant. They had some for $3 per small pot of them at our farmer’s market, too!

Last but not least, my little garden plot is starting to wake up thanks to some rain and sun. Here is what my garden from a few weeks ago looked like.
And this morning (can you tell it is overcast, misty and gloomy this morning, below?) it looks like this:

All that empty dirt may be the future home of all my various pepper sprouts because it isn’t quite big enough for any squash or tomatoes. Then at the end of summer brussels sprouts are going to go in.

Who’s planning on getting things in the ground this weekend?