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Lucky for you I decided not to post any pictures of my injury that I mentioned last week. I guess I didn’t really share that many terrible pictures of it in that post either, so consider yourselves saved. My left foot pretty much looks like a cadaver’s it’s so gray from bruising.

Any how, let’s talk about gardening instead! Yay, pretty flowers and blooms! Good transition, right?

For all you beginner gardeners, I just read a short article about “10 Vegetables You Can Grow in Shade” over on In the Garden Online. They are all good vegetables and it basically comes down to, if you eat the fruit or roots, it needs full sun, and if you eat the leaves, stems or buds it just needs three to six hours of sun per day. Good article, hop on over there are give it a browsing.

In my neck of the woods, blooms are blooming! We have an awkward triangle patch in our front yard that separates our driveway and walkway that has two rose bushes in it. In the beginning of fall I planted a few drought tolerant flowers in there and a yellow-flowered ground cover that have been slowly establishing themselves. There are also a number of bulbs that live in this little spot, the only ones of which I’ve ever seen bloom in our two and a half years here have been the daffodils. This year it looks like we may get a few more thanks to all the sun, warmish weather and rain we’ve had. Can anyone identify the purple flower? (Ignore the picture quality, I’m on crutches, okay!?)

I had no idea we had calla lilies in this garden bed and am happily surprised since they are my favorite flower! The California poppies we have blooming are much larger than the other poppies usually in this bed because I planted some new seeds (which lots of people received at our wedding) that appear to be a different type. It should mean that these big ones bloom now and we’ll see anther crop of the smaller ones later in the season.

There are a few new buds getting ready to pop and since I’ve never seen what they are I’m really excited about it. Those little purple flowers are also new, I’m not exactly sure what they are (and haven’t sniffed them) but they sure are cute. And only one daffodil is still hanging out while the rest bit the dust about a week ago. I’m loving all the low maintenance color that appeared here!

What do you have blooming around your house? All our plants are blossoming and the neighbor’s trees are covered in pink and white blooms!