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In another installment of Things I Eat When My Husband is Away… fish tacos that are only sort of fish tacos because I want to call them that. Because I decided to skip corn tortillas and sub in wheat pita. These really are better with corn tortillas though, so don’t be like me. I consider this version of “fish tacos” the girl version of bachelor food. I’ve known bachelors who eat macaroni and cheese in a tortilla to avoid doing dishes. I avoided buying corn tortillas because I already had wheat pita and told myself they were healthier.

Shall we move on? Let’s. As ya’ll know, I’m an avid Trader Joe’s shopper and one of the products I keep on hand is their reduced fat fishsticks. I have no idea what kind of white fleshed fish is in them but I actually buy them with the intent of making them into quick and easy fish tacos. Plus they’re reduced fat. That’s like eating only carrots for dinner, right?

Six to a serving and they cook up in the toaster oven in the time it takes me to make everything else. Especially when I forget to turn the toaster oven to to 350-degrees as the directions state and leave it on “toast” which is essentially broil. Then they cook a little faster.

Fun fact, this (embarrassingly dirty) toaster oven was given to me by my now husband when I moved into my first apartment “by myself” after only about two or three weeks of dating. He had no idea at that point that I LOVE toaster ovens. I had no idea I was dating someone who bought freaking awesome house warming gifts. May or may not be one of the reasons I married him.

While your sticks are getting their bake on, all you need is the above to make your fish tacos. But again, pretend those wheat pita are corn tortillas. And you don’t absolutely need “Bufalo” sauce. And you really can use sour cream instead of yogurt but as you might imagine, I tell myself reduced fat fish sticks with a nonfat Greek yogurt sauce is exactly like carrots. You actually can mix a little mayo into the sauce for some tang, but I don’t think it needs it. And if you’re really being all poor woman on this, just use the lime juice that comes in a bottle. I won’t tell anyone. But let’s talk about my special sauce.

This came from my dad about a year ago in an Easter basket that my dad made for my husband (we were in wine country all together and I got one, too). I’m sure my dad got this at Big Lots– the discounted stuff store– along with a bunch of other random spicy things. It was a whole theme. I put this along with the squeeze bottle of jalapeno cheese sauce in our pantry and ignored it for a long while. Until one day it occurred to me that this sauce may actually have potential. So as it turns out, this stuff is very similar to adobo sauce, the liquid that chipotle peppers live in a can with. Now, instead of buying cans of the peppers for their sauce when I only need a spoonful here or there, I just take out my magic bufalo sauce (accent on the “ooo” in bufalo) and spice things up. Perfect for fish tacos. However, it may not be sold anywhere and isn’t needed here except for extra seasoning. If you have adobo sauce around, that would be the equivalent.

When I make fish tacos I like about 1/4 cup of sauce per taco, and since it was just me eating, I use about that much yogurt, about a quarter of lime’s worth of juice, about a teaspoon of chili powder, a little salt and a dash of special bufalo sauce. You can omit the bufalo sauce and use a little extra chili powder with good results. Give it a little taste and season as needed. When I was making this I put WAY more than a dash of special sauce and had to spoon some out. Whoops.

Can you hear me saying “boooooofalo” each time I type it? I was.

Whenever I heat up tortillas or pitas I wrap them in a slightly damp paper towel and microwave them for a few seconds. It keeps them from drying out. After warming up your taco holder of choice it’s time for assembly.

Don’t judge my pita, it was really good. I know these look like falafel with cabbage and lime instead of whatever you get on your falafel (I like lettuce, tomato and cucumber) but it worked. And I would do it again gosh darn it. Just imagine these are corn tortillas instead! But how did I really enjoy these?

With spicy rooster sauce aka Sriracha. Eat your heart out, husband. Just like eating a bag of carrots for dinner.

Really though, try this with corn tortillas, maybe a little fresh tomato on there as well and a cold Corona and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you didn’t need a deep fryer to make fish tacos. Another alternative that I do when I’m being not quite so lazy is broiling some white fish with chili powder, salt and pepper until cooked through and using that. Simple and delicious.

Do you have a meal that’s your go-to shortcut of a meal? I have another one but it’s probably even worse than this. Share yours and maybe I’ll share another of mine!