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For any new readers, Farmer Fridays are my way of sharing a little glimpse of what’s going on around my garden. I encourage all you other backyard and patio farmers to join in on Fridays and share your vegetables, flowers or other fauna in at least one or more pictures! You can feature one thing or give a little tour around your garden. And if you don’t grow your own plants, what about featuring something another farmer friend grew or something from your local farmer’s market? If you share on Fridays, you can add your link in the comments and the following Friday I may give you a shout out!

Yesterday when I arrived home one of the bulbs I’ve never seen bloom (in the two and a half years since moving into our house) had bloomed! It’s a beautiful peachy flower with orange, too. Does anyone know what kind of flower this is?
There are a couple more of these getting ready to bloom in front of our house and I’m hoping they’re all different colors, how cool would that be!?

I love surprise flowers. Especially when I don’t even know what it is.

Are you going to share a linkwith me next Friday?