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Our office was a landing zone for stuff the day we moved in but no more! Or at least, more organized! Here it is after just a few little changes (for under $500) that made a whole lot of difference:

We spent $194 at Ikea for the new light fixture, new desk, new handles for the file cabinet, and a stacked inbox. I bought two new red curtains at Bed Bath & Beyond for $40 and had bought two new longer curtain rods as well before realizing I would have to remove and move all the hardware in the wall plus one of the longer ones wouldn’t have fit. And last but not least, I bought the most amazing rug at Costco, along with a desk chair and cork board for a total of $255.The grand total for the office makeover was $489!

There are a few finishing touches I still need (another guitar wall hook, new couch pillows) that shouldn’t tip me over $500 in the end. I also need to fix the curtains Was it worth it? You tell me.


AFTERWhy the non-matching curtains? Those floral curtains are cream and burgundy from DKNY. I purchased them when we moved into our house two and a half years ago. Of course they’ve since discontinued them. I even checked eBay but only found them in a black color. The color scheme of this room was always meant to be yellow and burgundy so I couldn’t give up the floral curtain, besides, I would have had to spend another $40 on two more panels to replace them. Instead I will cut each curtain in half and move the two red pieces to the outsides and the floral halves will be in the center.


AFTERHey look at that new light! With the couch on the other wall it pulled out into the space where the door swung making it super awkward to get around for guests. It’s significantly improved now:

While there still isn’t really space for someone to stand next to the left side of the bed, there’s now plenty of room to walk around and let the door close with the bed pulled out. We’ll also hang a third guitar behind the couch to even things out.



The much larger desk from Ikea not only provides more space to work but also has more storage with the white shelving unit under it! That other file cabinet used to be a “side table” but now has new handles and is withing reach while working at the desk. You can also see the inbox I added sticking out from the shelves. It’s supposed to prevent me from making paper piles around the house and gives my husband and I each our own inbox instead of a random pile somewhere.



This wall didn’t change as much but I did add a guest basket! Now when guests come to visit it’s like a hotel. A hotel with a pull out bed only. And someone else’s things in the room.

While I was at it, I also bought myself a label maker. Why? Because I thought it would make me appear more organized. I also decided that the desk has so many drawers my husband I would forget what goes where so it would be helpful to have labels. These drawers are easy to label and unless you’re close you don’t really notice the hidden labels.

Also, I love the rug that I bought just as much as I had hoped. It doesn’t match perfectly but I love it so much I don’t really care.

The rug is slightly more “shag” than I thought it would be but it’s like heaven to walk on barefoot. This room isn’t high traffic and the color isn’t extremely bright so I think it will stay looking good (unlike our used-to-be-white shag rug that was in the living room).

Last but not least, here is a view from the hallway:

When you used to look into this room it appeared smaller with the couch against that wall but now with it off to the side the room looks larger and feels larger when you walk in. There is less open wall space in a good way and the rug makes it feel more cozy.

Have you ever moved around furniture after living with it for a while only to wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner?