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I’ve been coming home to this for over a week.
I discovered last week that this is an iris. This is a violet iris. I have been hoping every day that when I get home it will have popped open. Alas, not the case. Then I walked out of the house this morning to this:

Yes, it’s practically glowing. And it looks a million times better in person. As I was snapping pictures, I noticed that something smelled floral and AMAZING. What was it?

I leaned in and sniffed. It was the irises! But you know what they smelled like? I had to do a double take because I sincerely didn’t believe it at first and thought my brain was tricking me. I thought, “Shut up, Alanna, you did not just smell what you think you did.” I took a couple more sniffs. These smell just like grape candy or soda. Or grape jelly. We all know that fake grape doesn’t smell like real grapes. These smell like fake grape. I know you don’t believe me because I barely believe me, but it’s true!

Purple irises with a backdrop of bright orange California poppies!? Yes please! I love poppies, too.

Can you tell it’s the little things that get me? I geek out about flowers. I’m obviously related to my grandma.

This is how our weird little triangle garden bed is looking in front of our house. I also sniffed these pretty peach irises but they don’t really smell like anything. This one bloomed this morning, too, so it’s not a factor of when it bloomed. I’m in love with all these bulbs going crazy this year finally!

Is everyone ready to share for Farmer Friday tomorrow?