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Remember that time I had a huge ol’ post about planting watermelon, two kinds of pumpkins, and cucumbers grown from an egg carton? By now they would be lookin’ pretty good, right!? Yup. If the squirrels (or some other critter) hadn’t pulled them out/ eaten them/ etc. I’d show you pictures but it would just be mulch. I’m pretty devastated but I think I have time to start another round and try again then perhaps protect them with netting.

Instead, allow me to show off what IS coming to life after now that we’re into about a month of spring weather in Northern California!

My husband and I planted our lime tree almost exactly a year ago and while we’ve had plenty of little flowers and what looks like the beginning of a lime, we’ve never had any develop into full fruits. I water regularly and fertilize with an organic fertilizer. Any ideas?

This is the yukon potato plant I showed you I was planting here. Hopefully it’s not another mystery weed I’m saving only to find no potatoes.

The two grape vines that were planted over the summer and went dormant all winter are now letting their leaves open up to get ready to climb the arbor.

The sweet peas are blossoming.

What used to be a rosemary Christmas tree (the Christmas before last) is now finally becoming a rosemary bush. You can actually still see some of the old growth in Christmas tree form in there.

My cinder block edging/ herb garden is filling up with cilantro. I’m hoping the parsley also makes an appearance soon but I’m not holding my breath for the basil I also planted here.

The mix of nasturtiums are taking off around the small garden I have and I love to see them as they open. They’re technically edible but I enjoy looking at them so much I’m not sure that I would serve one up!

You can see a bright reddish orange one on the left, a beautiful yellow and orange one in the middle (that if you like the thismodernwife.com Facebook page you would see up close!) and the light yellow one from above.

Does anyone want to submit a link to show what’s growing in their garden!? Or how about just share what’s going on outside!