Over the weekend I had the insatiable urge to remember how many rose bushes we have around our house. Usually I just tell people “over two dozen” but I suddenly called myself into question. Were there really two dozen? That seemed like a lot. I grabbed my camera to take a picture of them all. I also counted them all. There are 26 and we had to take one out when we built our deck so really there used to be 27. There could be some that were removed and I’m forgetting, but either way that’s a TON of rose bushes for our pretty small plot of land. I say “plot of land” like we have land– hah– we have about 5,600 square feet (.13 acres!). Better than nothing!

Yesterday I uploaded my pictures from my camera and took out the blurry ones, the repeats, etc. And guess how many pictures I ended up with? Not 26. Maybe I don’t know how to count very well or maybe I accidentally edited some out because there are a handful that aren’t quite blooming yet. So anyhow, for Farmer Friday I present you with 23 roses or rose bushes out of the 26 we have around our house (click on the thumbnail to see the picture larger and start the slideshow):

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