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In July of last year when I was waiting out the installation of our new kitchen I was contemplating what things I would be making once my husband and I weren’t eating off paper plates every night. I made it through everything on that list except chicken salad (I still am not convinced that raisins and apples plus savory ingredients sounds that good to me). This year’s list is  more inspired by Pinterest and finally conquering culinary techniques I’ve previously avoided in the past.

1. Jelly/ jam/ preserves

jamA few weekends ago I saw a jelly stand at our farmer’s market. I told my husband we needed to buy some because we were out. He balked, telling me it was probably over priced and I agreed but said, “We might as well try it.” At our regular market, you can get a jar of jelly for about $3. We tasted the farmer’s market kind which was cherry, and it was SOOOO good. And a 4 ounce jar was $10. Yup. We bought it. But as I ate spoonfuls at home I told myself, this is the summer I learn to can! Strawberries, cherries, peaches. You name it, I’m learning to do this!

2. Summer Rolls!

I already bought rice wrappers (the Asian market by us sells frozen ones) now I just have to figure out what to put in them and how to assemble. I know. It’s probably super easy. I just haven’t done it yet.

3. Trifle

Not necessarily this specific trifle from I Am Baker, but any kind. I like that this one includes fruit which would make me consider it healthy. Right?

This year I’m keeping my list to three instead of five so I can actually get through all of them. Obviously there are other things I’ll be tackling like home made ice cream again, trying to smoke meat on our gas grill, and more things that can be made outside on the grill to keep inside cool.

What are you looking forward to making this summer? Are you sticking to standbys or trying out something new?