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A few weekends ago my husband and I went to Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend with some friends. This magazine focuses on “Living in the West” including gardening, home design/decor, cooking, travel and more which means that’s what the event was featuring. Of all the presentations and displays at the event, this was one of the things that stood out: floating citrus trees (and some other plants!).I’ve tried finding more about these in the internet searching for “string garden” or “hanging fruit tree” returned few results. Update: My friend sent me this link which gives a full how-to on making these! The idea seems pretty straight forward though: take a plant (doesn’t have to be a citrus tree but probably needs to be a dwarf if you do that), wrap it in moss, wrap it in twine and hang. Presumably you would soak it in a bucket of water about once a week or so and reap your bounty?

In the above picture you can see they’ve used this method with a few other plants. I think this would be such a great idea for those with a small garden or nowhere to put plants in the ground. We may get too much wind where we live but this would be such a nice way to display plants even indoors!

Anyone ready to start having some floating fruit? What would you plant this way?