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There are rumors all over the internet of people getting ambushed by zucchini. Maybe it’s true, maybe in some towns leaving your car unlocked means a monster zucchini will show up on your seat or a pile of them will show up on your door step. To me that sounds awesome. And while I know the dark green squash can grow quick, I didn’t know just how quick.

A few weeks ago I snapped a picture of my mystery squash but never got around to posting about it so I will attempt to make a short story actually short and say, after my first round of seedlings died, I threw assorted seeds in a pot as a second attempt to see what grew but lost track of what sprouted. As it turns out, the second plant in this picture is zucchini.

A week or two after I took this picture, we had a few narrow 5-inch long zucchini poking out. Then my husband and I took a week and a half long vacation and left the neighbor instructions to water. Upon return, I was shocked to find this:

Shocked and yet completely excited. I had absolutely no idea just how fast one of these guys could grow. The other fruit on the plant are struggling a little more but I suspect that the beer bottle shaped/sized one will all of a sudden explode. Who knows, it seems like it might be this size by the time I get home they grow so fast. There are no shortage of things I can do with this, it will not go to waste! Bring it on zucchini. Bring. It. On.

Have you ever found anonymous zucchini left to you? Or been surprised with just how fast these things can grow!?