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Before leaving for vacation my husband and I asked the neighbor to come water the plants occasionally. As we were walking through our narrow side yard (which you can see was taken over by tomatoes last year, too) which is turning into a forest of food (in a really small space) my neighbor asked, “What is in your soil!? These tomato plants are huge!” The answer is: nothing special. Vegetables just seem to love this part of our yard and except for a little manure, compost and a sprinkle of fertilizer I try and remember to water occasionally and the tomatoes keep growing and monster zucchinis appear. Which leads me to believe it’s location, location, location. Not what’s in the dirt.

I’m obsessed with pumpkins, and I don’t want to jinx myself, but after having a failed pumpkin last year which started growing way too late in the season, I think I finally have a promising squash here. At least I think it’s a pumpkin. This is another one of my mystery squash/melon plants where I threw seeds in a pot and planted what sprouted.

It may still be too early to tell, but I’m hoping this is one of my fancy French pumpkins also known at Musque de Provence Pumpkin. This is really the pumpkin I am eager to get to grow due to it’s beautiful reddish orange flesh and sweet flavor. Come to mama!

Maybe I should have put my pineapple top in this magic dirt instead of a pot? It’s not looking so good but the geranium cuttings I stole trimmed from the neighbor’s look like they are doing fine!

Dinner last night included a big salad with lettuce and green beans from the garden and zucchini from the garden with pasta and a sprinkle of basil from the garden. It’s my favorite time of year when I can make most of a dinner from the garden I’ve been tending for the last few months.

What are you harvesting? Do you have magic soil or a magic location somewhere in your yard/growing plot?