That huge zucchini seems to last forever but we’re happy to use it up in this house. Aside from eating chunks of the, dare I say, sweet flesh of the squash, its so far been with a marinara sauce two nights in a row. The first night I chopped it up and sautéed it with some onion, garlic, wine and capers then topped it with marinara (from a can) and served it over pasta.

This evenings dinner started by grilling the zucchini with onions, then I stretched two pizzas from a wheat dough I made this morning. Those went on the grill then were topped with marinara, the vegetables and mozzarella. As our side dish I made a raw kale salad with greens from my garden topped with sumac marinated onions and chickpeas that I prepared from dry in the slow cooker.


After two big meals (each with plenty of left overs) we are still making our way happily through the zucchini. While I like the offers for using this bad boy in bread, being able to taste it is so much better.