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Can I be honest for a moment? Of course I can. I really thought that the world’s heaviest/ largest tomato wasn’t going to be that big. And I really thought that I would at least be somewhere in the ballpark with the guy above. As it turns out, the world’s heaviest tomato was recorded in 1986 to be 3.51 kg or 7 lb 12 oz. I was maybe a little sad that I wouldn’t be close to having a tomato the size of a baby. Maybe.

Once I learned that my organic Pruden’s Purple heirloom tomato wasn’t going to be quite that big, I just waited until it was super ripe. Last night, with friends over, I picked it and made it into a pasta sauce. I suppose I should have weighed it first just to see how close I was (I will with my next big ‘un!). But I can assure you it wasn’t seven pounds. Another large tomato got paired with mozzarella and basil from the garden. Yes, it’s finally that time of the season where somehow tomatoes get worked into every meal. And that time of the season where the winter crops are being started! Where did summer go?