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The last gigantic tomato from my heirloom beefsteak tomato plant (which are “Pruden’s Purple” from High Mowing Organic Seeds) was enormous but it was devoured before I thought to weigh it. This time, with another shockingly large tomato, I remembered to take out the scale
This fully ripe tomato is 1 pound 7.5 ounces (or 668 grams for you non-North Americans). That’s about the size of six normal sized tomatoes in my estimation.

These heirlooms have turned out really lovely with a pink, yellow and red hue when they are fully ripe depending on how much sun they get on the plant. The fruit has a very tomatoey flavor and is extraordinarily juicy (if I use them diced as a tomato salad I have to drain them!). With two plants I picked just over 12 pounds of these over the weekend (and there are plenty left on the plant!) and brought half as a tomato and basil salad to our friends’ house and did something with the other half I will share about soon!

Do you have a favorite tomato variety?