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This is the best cupcake I’ve ever had. Hands down. I won’t even begin to divulge how many I had. Or how many my husband snuck.

I’m indifferent to the cupcake craze. I had a regular wedding cake at my wedding and couldn’t tell you where the nearest cupcake bakery is. If I make cupcakes at home it’s because I think it’s an easier portion size than cutting from a cake or loaf. And now that I’ve has what I’m sure is the best cupcake in existence, I will just about never be able to look at another cupcake again.

Our friend made these for a gathering we had. I’m not certain where the recipe came from but you can try this S’more Cupcakes from Bon Appetite recipe and just make the graham cracker a crust instead of adding it to the batter. The cupcake above had a chocolate glaze on top and then home made toasted marshmallow on top of that. Some of the cupcakes even had marshmallow in the center which made these treats even more delectable.

Perhaps I’ll have to try making these myself in order to share a recipe here but I’m not sure they will ever be as good as these ones were, best enjoyed with an ice cold glass of milk.