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My husband always teases me that I should be living on a farm between all my gardening, cooking (and canning lately!), and desires to own chickens. Instead, we live in a small tract home where I claim as much dirt as possible for my fruit and vegetable growing but haven’t quite given in to my need for a compost heap (attracts the already rampant racoons) and chickens (also attracts racoons!).
Last month we had the chance to visit Upstate New York for my husband’s paternal family reunion and we stayed in farm country. Surrounded by corn fields as far as the eye can see, we rented a big ol’ farm house next to a big ol’ barn. I was ready to move in. The location was also great for photography so I’ll try and let the photos do most of the talking.

The farm house we stayed in was built in the 1900s and then later had a second story added. The attic was SO COOL. I would definitely live here.

I often struggle in my photography to capture the sky and the landscape at the same time. I believe the passing clouds/ filtered sun helped me get the great blue sky in these images. No editing on most of these or I would have bumped up the color of that barn better.

Is this a monarch?

Again, without any color correction you can tell there was a cloud over head but I love that I finally know how to use the aperture to control focus better.

These make me think of Eeyore.

Call me a naive Californian but I had no idea how much corn and cattle there was in Upstate New York (outside of Rochester). Or that it looked like this– rolling hills, seeing the land for miles and miles. Beautiful.

I love barns.

Yes, I did ask my husband to take a picture of me with the corn. Obviously.

For now I’m content with my “small backyard farm” but one day… chickens… compost… canning… the works.