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Finally. I finally grew fully ripened pumpkins this year. By January of 2012 all I had was a sad withered looking thing, but this year with Baby Bam pie pumpkins I had success and I am now enjoying my successes on display.
Sure there are only three (so far!) and sure one is about the size of an orange (but it’s SO cute!) but I call it a success. My fancy french pumpkins, which ended up not getting big enough to ripen quick enough last year, show more promise this year but I’m not sure if the first large pumpkin will ripen?

The orange side actually used to be the underside until I flipped it over to see how it was doing. Does anyone know how to get pumpkins to ripen better on the vine? I’ll have to do a Google search.

While the Baby Bam plant has withered and died after producing three small pumpkins this large musque de provence squash plant has taken over, looks to be getting stronger and is now covered in furry baby pumpkins. Besides this large one above, there was one other large one that developed but the bottom of it cracked open probably due to lack of water. Oops. I figure if I aggressively water for the next few weeks there may be some improvement and some new little ones might start but that doesn’t give them much time in decent weather to mature.

These pumpkins were started around June, will they make it to full mature pumpkins by Thanksgiving?