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Friends of ours recently moved into a new apartment and recruited another couple, who are actually professional designers, to help choose colors and paint. My husband and I were able to help paint once colors were chosen and in an afternoon with two rollers and two people cutting in we knocked out one dining room, one living room and one accent hallway wall.

All we needed were some sweet jams, some snacks and the strength to push through the pain of painting which diminishes somehow when you just keep going.

The last time I did any painting of walls was about a year ago when I repainted our bathroom for probably the third or fourth time. I forgot how much easier it is to do big rooms than small rooms with lots of cutting in!

That’s my husband in black in the corner. Sigh.

You like that ugly dining room light fixture? We’re going to replace it (yes, I don’t live there but I say “we”) with something. We tried already but I may or may not have broken the fixture by shortening the wires.

Next time my husband and I have lots of painting to do we may have to have a painting party like our friends did for their new place. Everything went smoothly and with a little prep work — taping and laying out drop cloths– the work went quickly and it felt like we were done in no time. Have you ever had a painting party or do you prefer to do it yourself? Or have you avoided painting all together?