This post was originally going to be about how much I like passion fruit ever since I had my first one in Costa Rica. Then I realized that neither of the pictures I wanted to use had very good focus. Arg. Lately I’m feeling a little frustrated by my photography in low light situations, which admittedly, should be notoriously hard to work with for any photographer.

The first picture below shows me opening up my very first passion fruit on my honeymoon. It looked like an orange pomegranate with a similar shell but with an interior sack of squishy seeds. Each little seed sack had a crunchy black seed inside and the fruit tasted like magic. Sweet pineapple crossed with pear crossed with the ripest mango. Mind blowing. Unfortunately, even with a point and shoot the pictures lacked focus and came out blurry.
A few weeks ago at our local Northern California farmer’s market a vendor had passion fruit. They looked a little different than what my husband and I experienced in Central America with a dark reddish purple shell and orange seeds on the inside that were way more tart than all the passion fruit I had in Costa Rica (and there were LOTS). But it had a similar flavor that was more recognizable when mixed with sugar and water for a syrup.

I took the farmer’s market passion fruit home to get some photos of the vibrant colors but even in an indirectly lit spot before noon in my kitchen, I couldn’t get a great handheld shot of the fruit.

The above shot is the best I was able to do and taking out the tripod just didn’t seem worth it to get a quick shot. The above is SOC (straight out of the camera, no edits) and the colors are good but I’m wondering if maybe I should start thinking about upgrading my DSLR to something newer– my current camera is about eight years old. Or are my low light issues simply user related?

Anyone out there have any advice for shooting in low light?