I know, I know, two Farmer Fridays in a row I’m writing about pumpkins. I can’t help it. I’m obsessed. One plant already did it’s thing giving me three small baby bam pumpkins, but my other plant (that happens to have gotten MUCH bigger) still appears to be thriving. But I think I made a mistake. I think I under watered.

When a second large pumpkin appeared on the vine virtually over night I noticed a bad thing, a very bad thing. It’s underside (the blossom side) was totally cracked. Too much growing, not enough water? Being the optimist that I am, I flipped it so water wouldn’t pool in the crack and hoped for the best. Nature showed me that sometimes the best doesn’t happen.

Yup, that’s the underside. See that giant crack in it? Yikes. I had to cut it off the vine (which I obviously should have done sooner) when I noticed it was starting to seriously rot and not ripen. Shoot. Needless to say I’ve now been diligently watering with hopes that the late season pumpkins might not have similar troubles and the one large pumpkin still on the vine will ripen in time for Thanksgiving.

This is not the last you will hear of pumpkins, certainly, this year. There are still several to be baked for pumpkin puree/ chunks and recipes to share. I’m still crossing my fingers that at least one of these larger pumpkins will be usable as well!