Two years ago today, the man of my dreams, my Prince Charming, made me an honest woman and the modern wife I am today. While it poured rain outside we enjoyed a day with some of our dearest friends and family, amazing food and glass after glass of wine. I still am the happiest woman alive with this man.

In honor of our anniversary I recreated our wedding cake to the best of my abilities to celebrate. I’m no great baker and our almond cake with home made tart cherry compote and cream cheese buttercream frosted wedding cake was so amazingly epic I don’t think I will ever be able to exactly recreate it, but I came as close as I could.

I used the last jar of sweet cherry jam that I had on hand and made the cake and buttercream from scratch. Like our wedding cake, which was topped with various herbs (all centerpieces were little potted herbs), I ran out to the garden and topped our anniversary cake with rosemary. It was darn good. Dare I say better than the year-old cake topper we unearthed from the freezer on our 1st anniversary last year? Yes, definitely. This may be our new tradition.

You can also see that I take out the wedding cake cutter and serving utensils and the floating candle is one my grandma gave us to “relight the fire” each year on our anniversary. I love having traditions and so I take these things pretty seriously. And I need a reason to have all this various wedding stuff still hanging around!

Happy anniversary to the best husband a girl could have!