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Our friends and family were lucky enough to gather for a Thanksgiving feast last year that featured two turkeys. Knowing full well that we would have plenty of leftovers, we contacted a local group that was able to use the prepared food to serve meals onsite. This year, we will scale down the feast but my husband and I still wanted to help those in need on a holiday where we remember how thankful we are for our comfortable lives.

A quick Google search should quickly bring up your local community’s food bank which may be Second Harvest as they have locations throughout the United States. Second Harvest says $1 can provide TWO meals. Or you can try a national organization like Feeding America where they stretch every $1 into EIGHT meals. So if you are thankful this season for a roof over your head, a warm meal, and an internet connection among other things, I encourage you to take two minutes to donate to your local food bank. Any size donation can help those in need during this holiday season.

I am thankful this season for the wonderful friends and family we will be surrounded by, our health, and the ability to help those who are in need.