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Raise your hand if you love getting cards — be it Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, birthday or thank yous– in the mail!? There’s something so much more personal about it than a Facebook message or text. This year I was set on making my own DIY holiday cards and decided that I would hold the first ever “Thismodernwoman” Workshop to help some friends make some DIY holiday cards as well. Continue on to get some ideas for your own handmade cards and maybe be inspired to host your own card workshop!
Handmade holiday card workshop
No matter their skill level, some ladies were invited to take part in this inaugural workshop where we would all create beautiful cards to send or give to some of our favorite people. I found some ideas on Pinterest (follow me here!) and got to work setting up. I’m sorry that I didn’t invite the whole internet, maybe next time (probably not), but allow me to give you a little tour so you can see what we were up to.

Welcome to my home!

Workshop setupThe table was covered in a drop cloth so we could get messy and paper plates were provided so that everyone could have their own paint palette. And yes, that is wrapping paper in the right corner. And yes, we did put it to use.

Card making supplies

The supplies were plentiful with different kinds of paper, different card types, paint, ribbons, fabric, stamps, buttons, glitter, doilies and a selection of sample cards that I pre-made.Card making supplies
There was no shortage of things to turn into the perfect holiday card! On the table I filled mason jars with sequins, pens and markers, scissors, glue, paint brushes and sponges.  Everything was there to make any number of cards but I made some in advance for the ladies to look at.
DIY Holiday Cards

Buttons, ribbons and pen made ornaments; a small square of fabric and ribbon made a very simple present; doilies and metallic paint made lovely, lacy snowflakes; sequins, glue and paint on a stamp made a modern Christmas tree. All of these were very simple to make and would be great DIY cards for beginners.Super easy DIY holiday cardsI’m not one of those people with beautiful flawless handwriting. It’s legible, but I don’t like seeing it on a card unless it’s a handwritten message. I picked up stamps and a stamp pad for everyone to use and we saw some great usage of the stamps on cards. It was fun to see some unexpected colors used with the stamps on an otherwise subtly colored card! Crafting snacks
Of course I provided snacks. Yes, I am indeed still working on finding the perfect cheese roll recipe. I’m getting closer. In addition to sugar cookies (with cream cheese frosting or Nutella) and cheese rolls I whipped up some orange cranberry almond caramel popcorn and brown butter with sage popcorn. But we would be parched without beverages…
Toasting pink champagne

That’s right, pink champagne! It’s a girl party so pink Mumm Napa bubbly was a no brainer. Also made some chai tea concentrate for a Christmasy non-wine beverage.Cutting for holiday cards

With lovely snacks and drinks, the ladies got down to work. We walked through one card all together first and then they were let loose to make cards on their own. Everyone tried out a few different methods to see what they liked best.Working on holiday cards

Some women felt that stamping/painting (that’s what those doilies were for!) was easiest while others realized that cutting and pasting was their jam. A few of us went for the en masse production method while others concentrated on one card at a time. We learned there’s no right or wrong way to make cards.DIY Christmas cards

And in between painting, cutting, gluing and glittering we listened to Christmas music, drank pink bubbly and had snacks.crafts4 The best part was that even the women who came thinking they weren’t crafty turned out to have fun making cards! Handmade Holiday Card WorkshopWe all learned that trial and error may be needed to figure out the best way to make a card and if all else fails, use glitter paint. Everyone went home with several cards each (and some cookies and popcorn!) and more confidence in do-it-yourself card making.  I’m looking forward to hosting different workshops in the future where we take on other projects that I would feature here on the blog.

Do you still send out holiday cards (with our without newsletters)? Or do you not send them but love to receive them?