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There are still things that surprise me in my relatively tiny garden. Salamander/newts in the garden? Commonplace now. Pumpkins cracking on their own and rotting? It’s happened a few times. Pound and a half tomatoes? Duh. But this was a new first.
Uhhhh… what is that!?

I spent Sunday cleaning out the gardens– and gathered over six pounds more of usable tomatoes!– pulling out tomato plants, pumpkin plants, zucchini plants that were all past their growing prime and called the season officially done until I start seeds in February. The same pumpkin plant that grew a gorgeous, massive 20-plus pound pumpkin for my Thanksgiving table also covered just about everything in its path in my side yard including several rose bushes and a very old looking fuschia plant. And what you see above is the result of a pumpkin plant covering an already somewhat sad looking plant that otherwise grows beautiful flowers (and normal leaves) like this only a few months prior:

Ballerina flowersAfter calling in Ghostbusters and establishing that it wasn’t going to hurt me, I lopped the gross parts off and am thinking it might be time to do some transplanting if possible of the fuschia and roses back there so the pumpkin destruction is reduced next year.  And if this fuschia doesn’t make the transplant, at least I put an end to it’s weird mutant misery.

Anyone every successfully transplant old roses or fuschias? Or catch one trying to grow it’s own body our of green furry leafiness?