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I’ve mentioned a few times that my goal in life is to make the perfect cheese roll, right? I’ve found a great simple recipe that uses my sourdough starter and yeast on the King Arthur flour website that is easy to put together. It’s what I used for the cheese rolls at my DIY card workshop and they were a big hit. So when the office pot-luck was announced and my co-workers said, “Alanna you pretty much have to make something home made” I said, “Well my cheese rolls are okay.”
This recipe is so easy and I’m working on a few tweaks but right now the only ingredient switch up is that I would recommend swapping out 1 cup of the white flour for wheat flour. I also obviously use cheese along with butter before I roll them up and slice (I slice thinner than the recipe calls for but I think it’s personal preference) and all kinds of things could be used in these. The biggest discovery I had as I made about 30 of these last night was these are a million times better baked in cast iron! The recipe calls for baking in a cake pan (see above) but I only have three cake pans so I tried baking in my 12″ cast iron pan and it completely changed the recipe. Here’s a shot of the bottom of the rolls:


Same dough, same time in the oven, etc. The only difference was the pan they were baked in.

You see, the sourdough in the recipe changes the pH of the dough and makes it harder to brown but this is overcome by the cast iron on the bottoms because it conducts heat better. I also broil these for the last few minutes, watching closely, to brown the cheese on the tops. Obviously both are delicious, but tell me which one you would rather eat?cheese_rolls-2Most people probably don’t have a giant 12-inch cast-iron pan (thanks for the hand-me-down, Grandma!!!) but if you have any size of cast iron, you have got to try baking in it! Pizza, cinnamon rolls, corn bread, you name it. Give it a try and see if it improves your recipes.