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The Thanksgiving table this year had several mason jars with foliage from the garden, some of which were kale leaves and roses. After Thanksgiving, and after the roses had expired, I had a little jar of water and kale leaves on my counter for two weeks. When I went to toss them I discovered that they had grown roots?
kale1I honestly have no idea what this means but I did the logical thing and stuck them in my raised garden bed where they’ve been for a week and so far haven’t wilted. Is this a way to grow new stalks of kale?

kale2I’ll keep ya’ll updated on what happens with the kale leaves. The stalks that were planted by seed last spring are still going strong and producing lots of leaves. Speaking of the raised garden bed that my sister and I built last April, it’s still holding strong though the area around it is now green with weeds from the rain we’ve been getting. My wonderful husband installed a drip system in my garden for when the weather is dry and it’s helped some things take root.

raised-gardenThere are a few small lettuces, some cilantro that is still leftover from summer, beets I’ve neglected to harvest, the kale I mentioned before and some new additions including purple cabbage and only one brussel’s sprout plant (all from seed).

brassicaThose purple cabbage plants are looking a little windblown! Also, it’s citrus season in California and our limes are finally taking off and looking ready! A few ripe ones have dropped from our little tree and the mint is still going strong. Mojitos, anyone?

limesLast but not least, I had to show off the gnarly weeds we get in our area. There are some spiky looking weeds that are pretty harmless and then there are spiky weeds that have spines sharper than our rose bushes! These things are NOT to be messed with!

weedYou do not want to be walking around in the yard barefoot and run across one of these! Even wearing leather gloves I try to avoid touching these because they are ridiculously sharp.

Anyone else have a winter garden or root sprouting kale? Or weeds that are sharper than barbed wire!?