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My husband is an East Coaster. Specifically, he grew up in Massachusetts and went to school in Downtown Boston. Needless to say, he’s had his fair share (and then some of pizza). Good, East Coast, legit pizza. Now we live on the West Coast. And while I– the West Coaster– would argue it’s not all bad here, there are less pizza options in general and more crappy ones in California. My disclaimer is that there are some really superior ones in Northern California that sort of balance things out.

When it boils down to it, it really depends on what your ideal pizza is. If you prefer greasy chain pizza, well then you are in luck, you can find that most anywhere. If you’re after an authentic Italian Neapolitan, then your average delivery place isn’t going to cut it. Deep dish? That’s a smaller cut of the pizza market but depending where you live, it’s out there (and we have some really excellent versions of it in this area). However, a true pizza lover probably has a wide appreciation for several different types of pizza, right? And trumping all the restaurants is a really good homemade pizza if you ask me.

This is by far, the BEST pizza I’ve ever made at home. It’s baked in a cast iron skillet –that I used earlier in the day for a batch of bacon– so it’s really a “pan pizza” similar to what you might get from Pizza Hut. I got the recipe from Serious Eats for this Foolproof Pan Pizza. It’s no-knead, no-stretch. And while it certainly takes a lot longer than any pizza recipe I’ve used before (with an 8-24 hr. first rise) if you start the day before and give it that full rise time the dough becomes a beautifully yeasty, bubbly, wet thing. Dare I say that it’s a downright sexy dough? I do dare. Yes, I do.

We topped ours with the recommended New York Style Pizza Sauce using my own canned Roma tomatoes. Then a dry grated mozzarella (the recipe says using fresh mozzarella would be too wet) and the only pepperoni we could find at the market– aka Whole Foods, but I’m embarrassed to mention I shop there sometimes– with a sprinkle of parmesan when it came out of the oven. And you know what my husband, the ultimate pizza critic, told me? “This is the best pizza I’ve ever had in California.” And I’ll take it.

The recipe makes enough for two pizzas and for my 12″ cast iron pan (thanks, Grandma for the hand-me-down!) the recipe has 50% added for each measurement. But this also means that in the freezer there is another ball of this lovely dough waiting to be defrosted and baked into some pizza magic next time my husband tells me, “I feel like pizza.” Or, you know, every night.

Does anyone have any go-to pizza recipes that they swear by?