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In honor of Valentine’s Day, America’s most hated holiday, I would like to share five little things that make my life better somehow. You know, things that you can’t get enough of and give you the happy butterflies because, let’s be honest, they are crush worthy. And while I obviously have a crush on my husband, I’m focusing on things that are garden, cooking and DIY related today. If you have anything to add, let me know in the comments!

This is not a sponsored post, I just love these products.

1. Digz Women’s Signature Series Work Gloves

If you’re a gardener, you know that the big, clunky leather work gloves that you can get cheaply at the home improvement store aren’t that great for more detailed garden work like pulling small weeds or planting seeds. I have a crush on these because they make it easier to garden and are great for protecting my hands on other home improvement projects, too. They keep my hands warm when it’s cool outside plus they’re cute. Digz gloves are sold at Home Depot and a few other stores for about $10 per pair and they have several different types besides this all-around work glove so you can find a pair that work best for your activities.

2. Best Pan Pizza Ever (from Serious Eats)
My husband may have a bigger crush on this pizza than I do but it still changed my pizza-world. While this recipe takes time, if you’re going to make a pizza to impress folks (or your significant other) this is the one. I recently used the dough I had frozen from my first attempt at this to make a pizza when my father-in-law was in town and it turned out just as good as the one that never was frozen. Sounds like I’ll be making a bigger batch next time to have this stuff on hand for whenever we get a pizza craving because this pizza is so much better than delivery! Plus I can justify it by calling it healthier since I make it from scratch and use some wheat flour in the dough. Bam, health food.

3. Muck Boots

Don’t tell my husband, but his big surprise Christmas gift to me this year confused me at first. Then prompted jokes from me of, “Are you trying to turn me into a grandma!?!” (No offense grandma, I don’t mean you.) Then I tried on my new gardening shoes for the first time. Pretty comfy. Then I used them on a chilly day in the garden for the first time and realized, “These are like wetsuits for my FEET.” These. Are. Awesome. They keep my feet warm and dry but are breathable for when it gets hot. They’re easy to clean so I don’t mind tromping through mud. And did I mention that they are super comfortable? I might be slowly turning into an old lady, but these are so great for gardening I slip into them even if I’m just walking outside for a second to take the garbage out. Thanks, husband, you done good.

4. DIY wine rack above our refrigerator

My crush on the DIY wine rack my dad built is an ongoing one because it makes it easy to see at a glance if we are ready for entertaining! My husband and I don’t drink much when it’s just us but we almost always open a bottle of wine for guests. Our wine rack has bottles of red on the left and whites on the right so we can tell when it’s time to stock up on one or the other. Over the weekend we were looking a little empty in the wine department so we knew we could stock up during a trip to the winery we are members of. Easy access to all the bottles, storage and looking organized make this priceless.

5. 12-inch Cast Iron Pan

The cast iron pan my grandma gave me a few months ago has become a regular fixture in our kitchen. It’s one of those things I never missed before I had it, but now that I do I use it almost weekly. Aside from cooking bacon in it, most things I use it for aren’t even meaty (we don’t eat much meat). I’ve used it for pumpkin cornbread, cheeserolls, pan pizza, toasting bread, and anything that needs a surface that browns evenly. I’d like to try cooking pancakes in it soon to see how that goes. I like that it is a huge pan (a typical cast iron pan is 9-10″) and have learned that adding 50% to a recipe will fill my pan if I’m using a recipe for a smaller pan.

Anything in your life that you’re crushin’ on big time lately that makes things easier for you? Maybe your favorite health product or your favorite bacon product? You know, whatever.